As-salamu alaykum,

This is to inform you that our support and billing will remain closed from 3rd to 14th June.

Just to avoid any confusion, note that our services will not get interrupted by this. Your domain, site and email will function as usual.

If you wish to place new order or your renewal is due within 14th June, you are being requested to complete your registration or renewal within 2nd June.

Also communication over phone will not be available 3rd to 19th June. For any urgent query send email to or

Ensuring our service availability:
We are in arrangement to have our servers monitored during this period. In an unfortunate case if the server gets down, the server management team will get informed through server monitoring tools and they will reboot the server so the server gets back online as soon as possible.

Firewall IP Blocked Issue:
In an event your IP address gets blocked at our firewall for entering wrong password several times, you can unblock your IP yourself from our offnetwork IP Unblocking Portal.

URL to IP Unblock Portal:
Username: bangladesh
Password: dhaka71

Access the portal from the device you are having issues with and it will auto detect your IP address of that device and attempt to unblock that IP address from our firewall.

Email Issue:
In case your emails are bouncing (not getting delivered), most likely are sending too many emails witin a short period or a spammer is sending mass email from your account. You can review email activity of your account under "cPanel > Email > Track Delivery" and "cPanel > Email > MailScanner > MailControl".

If you see anything suspicious, immediately change password for your cPanel Account and the Email Account which seems to be sending out spam.

Your email delivery should get back to normal within next couple of hours.

As our servers are way more powerful than what our hosted accounts consumed we hardly face any issue with the server. We have still taken care that any major issue if occurs gets addressed immediately by expert server management company. We have also provided you above with the solution to our most frequent support issue.

We are not expecting of any critical issue at this period, if Allah grants us the safety. If you still face any critical issue, send  us email to or

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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